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still from Dot Matrix


Wolf Tone - 2022 

Selected screenings: Boston International Film Festival, Maine International Film Festival, Massachusetts Independent Film Festival, Easthampton Film Festival, Upstate New York Film Festival, Buffalo International Film Festival

Look Around You - 2018 

Selected screenings: Buffalo International Film Festival, RPM Fest Boston, UltraCinema Mexico

Dot Matrix - 2017 

Selected screenings: Northampton Film Festival, Antimatter Media Festival, Black Maria Film Festival, Florida Film Festival, Athens International Film and Video Festival, Punto Y Raya Film Festival, Alchemy Film Festival, San Diego Underground Film Festival, Indie Street Festival - DETOUR Gallery, London Experimental @ the Pump House Museum, Kinodot Film Festival - Russia, Film Fest @ Gallery Studio 44 - Sweden, UltraCinema Mexico


Trans/Figure/Ground - 2016 

Selected screenings: Antimatter Media Festival, Deluge Contemporary Arts, Plug Projects, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Punto Y Raya Film Festival, Athens International Film Festival, Chicago Underground Film Festival, San Diego Underground Film Festival, Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, Montreal Underground Film Festival, International Video Art Festival Madrid, PLUG Projects - Kansas City, Edge of Frame @ the Barbican in London, The Public Cinema in Knoxville, Other Cinema in San Francisco, SUPERNORMAL Festival in UK, Florence Arts Night Out, Labocine Issue #35 "The Science of Cinema"

KCBT - Khoan Cắt Bê Tông (Concrete Cutting and Drilling) - 2015

Hanoi, Vietnam

Selected screenings: Antimatter Media Arts Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival

PXXXL - 2013 

Selected screenings: Images Festival Toronto, Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, FLEX Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Athens International Film Festival, Strange Beauty Film Festival, Haverhill Experimental Film Festival, Contraband Cinema, Asheville Art Museum, PLUG Projects - Kansas City, Punto Y Raya Film Festival

On the Mountain - 2010 

Selected screenings: Margaret Meade Film Festival at the Museum of Natural History NYC, LA New Wave Film Festival, Echo Park Film Center

The Western Front - 2009 

Selected screenings: Athens International Film Festival, Festival of (In)appropriation

For Ilse - 2007

Selected screenings: Cucalorus Film Festival, FLEX Fest

Altitude Zero - 2004 

Selected screenings: Athens International Film Festival, Wisconsin Film Festival, Women in the Director's Chair, PDX, Humboldt International Film Festival, VideoEX Film Festival, Antimatter Film Festival, Brighton Film Festival, Other Cinema in San Francisco, NextFrame Film Festival, Des Moines Art Center, Cannes Film Festival's Emerging Filmmakers Showcase, Gene Siskel Film Center, Braquage Paris, KinoLab Poland, FOL Istanbul, Microscope Gallery (Brooklyn), Fem&Co. @ Denver Museum of Contemporary Art

Handmade - 2004 

Selected screenings: Black Maria Film Festival, FLEX Festival, VideoEX Switzerland, Athens International Film Festival, Contraband Cinema, Un/Exposed Screening Series, Antimatter Film Festival, Humboldt International Film Festival, Festival Des Cinemas Differents De Paris

The Fair and the Weak - 2003

Selected screenings: NewFest: New York Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Frameline: San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Humboldt International Film Festival

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